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Frequently Asked Questions

What varieties are in your pre-grown Mats, FeatherMats and MiniMats?

We are able to do custom sedum mixes with advanced notice, we normally maintain inventory of our Sedum Mats FeatherMats and MiniMats in the following mixes:


  • Bulletproof Mix - most popular & provent to be most durable
  • Colourful MIx
  • Growers Mix
  • Red, Yellow, Blue & Green Mix - availability will vary or may be custom grown with advanced notice.

Can people walk on a Sedum green roof?

While constant traffic is not recommended, the low growing sedum species in our standard mixes will tolerate occasional traffic for maintenance purposes.


What will a Sedum green roof look like in the winter?

After the first heavy frost in the fall sedum will start to go dormant. Most of the broad leaf species partially or fully lose their leaf structure while the majority of the compact 'needle' or 'jellybean' leaf species will change colour and maintain their leaves. We put a mix of both types of species in our different Sedum mixes to ensure the roof is colourful and does not look barren over the winter months.


In what climate conditions does Sedum grow best?

Generally, Sedum varieties are native to the Northern Hemisphere. Most varieties thrive in direct sunlight and are very drought tolerant. Please see our plant catalog for more information and the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone for each variety we carry.


How do I properly maintain my green roof once its installed?

We recommend that our Sedum mats be routinely watered for the 4 - 6 weeks immediately following installation while they're rooting into the media beneath it. During an extended drought a little bit of water will prevent the plants from going into dormancy but is not required. The level of additional maintenance varies based on the system used in conjunction with the mats and will typically be specified by the supplier of the components.


Can pre-existing buildings be retrofitted for a green roof?

There are a number of lightweight systems that can be used in conjunction with our FeatherMats to allow a green roof to be installed on the majority of existing buildings. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding lightweight systems for retrofit.




With the onset of winter and cooler temperatures, most sedum becomes dormant and turns burgundy. This keeps the roof looking natural and fresh all year long.