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Sedum Mats (SMRM5)


Our standard pre-vegetated Sedum Mat (sometimes referred to in the industry as "blankets" or "carpet") provides an instantly green installation. They are easy to cut for installation around vents and other rooftop equipment and can be easily shaped for curved installations. Our mats work with most green roof systems on the market.


Sedum mats are not only useful on the roof, they are a lower maintenance and water wise alternative to sod in many applications as well.




SMRM5 Sedum Mat


Features & Benefits

  • In stock and pre-vegetated in our 'Bulletproof' Sedum Mix
  • Fire Resistant - Class A fire rated product for roofing
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to cut for installation around roof vents and equipment
  • Non-biodegradable root carrier with non-woven root penetrating backing helps speed up root in time
  • Strong and durable - no tearing or chunking during installation
  • Fast installation reducing labour cost.



Size: 1 m x 2 m x 4 cm (3.28' x 6.56' x 1.5")

Root Carrier: Non-biodegradable fibers, non woven backing

Weight Vegetated:  6-8 lbs./sq. ft. fully saturated

Plants: In stock in our 'Bulletproof' Sedum mix. Other Sedum Master standard mixes or custom mixes can be quoted upon request.