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Sedum FeatherMats (SMUL6)


Our Sedum FeatherMats are the same construction and thickness as our regular Sedum Mats (SMRM5), we use a special lightweight growing media to bring the weight down to around a third of the regular mats. The reduced weight allows us to put more on a single truck, and reduce labour on the roof.  


These FeatherMats are ideal for retrofit installations that require lightweight systems or for areas where crane access is an issue as they can be easily carried up stairs or through

roof hatches. 



SMUL6 FeatherMat


Features & Benefits

  • In stock and pre-vegetated in our 'Bulletproof' and 'Red' Mixes
  • Fire Resistant - Class A fire rated product for roofing
  • Ultra lightweight and easy to handle - 1 person can easily carry a full roll at 21.5 square feet of material
  • Easy to cut for installation around roof vents and equipment
  • Non-biodegradable root carrier with non-woven root penetrating backing helps speed up root in time
  • Fast installation, increased shipping capacity and reduced labour for carrying drastically reduces overall installation costs



Size: 1m x 1m x 4cm (3.28' x 3.28' x 1.5") or 1m x 2m x 4cm (3.28' x 6.56' x 1.5")


Root Carrier: Non-biodegradable fibers, non woven backing


Weight Vegetated: 2-3 lbs/sq. ft. fully saturated


Plants: In stock in our 'Bulletproof' and 'Red' Sedum mixes. Other Sedum Master standard mixes or custom mixes can be quoted                     upon request.