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"Fall"ing into September!

Summer holidays are coming to an end and the kids are going back to school. Fall must be approaching! To some, the summer was hot and humid, others were sunshine and breeze, ours...well... let’s just sum this up as – wet! This summer was a not a typical summer in Princeton, ON, we had some sunshine and hot days but our summer days were filled with mostly rain. The moment you thought the land could dry up we were hit again. Let’s say we saved on a lot of hard work irrigating this year!


Our summer started with our yearly BBQ work party with the gang here at Sedum Master. Mix in some Jamaican jerk chicken, Margie’s homemade beans, a great work crew, friends from Australia and the USA,  games and a serious match of Ultimate Frisbee was a night of great memories and full bellies! It’s a great time to interact on a more personal level with the ones you see day in and day out, and get to know them more than just getting a job done. Times like these help to bring the morale of employees up and make for a good time and season. Besides, when can we see Steve’s great dance moves or learn how to get a frisbee off the roof of a barn? Tractor of course! If you are looking for a great game to play with a group of people, Ultimate Frisbee is the way to go! Just make sure there’s a couple of days’ in between the game and work so your bodies can heal. You know you’re out of shape when...


During summer, things tend to slow down a bit here, no worries we know it’s just the calm before the storm. As we had shipments still going out and being delivered we had some breathing room unlike the spring time. This is the time we catch up on our files, paperwork and numbers and brace ourselves for the mad dash of the fall to get the sedums planted before the winter.


We had numerous jobs headed Toronto bound this year. Maybe cross fingers, Toronto again will be the top city with the most green roof installations in 2017 in North America as they were in 2016 as it was announced in July this year. Toronto has certainly come on board in leaps and bounds as a true contender for North America’s sustainable city with great environmental performance!


Below you will see a picture from our yearly work party but also some jobs from this year. We are at the mercy of our customers sending in pictures as we ourselves don’t do the installations. We thank all those who have shared the pictures with us so we can see their finished project. If you would like to submit your pictures to us using our sedum products we would highlight them on our social media sites as well as your contact info if preferred. Please email myself Lori at


Now, to screw everything down tightly as fall is approaching and from what i can see it’s going to come in and go out like a storm, and we are prepared!


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Debra Chandler
August 25, 2017
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