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2015 season is slowly coming to an end...slowly

How did our team measure up this season?


We had a great season this year and a very busy one with the support of an increase of production crew to make our shipments of green roof products more efficient. With the dedication of this crew and their hard work, we were able to meet strict demands and yet still

put out our great array of quality sedum green roof products. Thank you to our guys, Phillip, Frankie, Robert, George, Carl, Denroy, Steve, Jeffrey, Kishon, Teron, Andrew, Clive, Jason, Crhistian, Ismael, and Eliseo. We did it!


Rob Lebrow put in a full season this year with Sedum Master and has brought on a strong delivery of sales and continues to make solid relationships with customers. Rob started in the green roof business back when Sedum Master was just a thought. It's great to have him back with us and being able to bring his computer IT knowledge with him has been such an asset with programming Sedum Master to flow and record and organize to an all new level for future growth!


Marg and Ed Magda, well they have been busy keeping everyone inline! For a "retired" couple I think they are busy more now than they ever thought they would be. They take such joy and pride in watching their sons succeed and making a difference not only in their livelihood but in the community and a personal level as well. Whenever a helping hand is needed, or an equation or two needs a second eye, we can definitely count on them!


Ray Magda has definitely kept his work boots dirty this year. He runs a very successful ginseng operation but on his down times (if he finds some) he is always helping the crew meet their deadlines, organizing the task at hand, fixing machinery when needed and does it all with a smile! Always so patient and ready to lend a helping hand...maybe he knows snowmobile season is around the corner! Ray has been officially married for a year now to the beautiful Melissa "Liss" and is looking to new adventures with Liss.


Tuggy, well Tuggy had a bit of an adjustment this year! His "daddy" got a new truck and he was not impressed! It took everything Ed could do to get him in the new truck but he was content with the older one and doesn't like change. But this furry little guy has had the time of his life this season running around making sure the crew was working, licking up some ice cream cones, catching chipmunks and all in a hard day work to crash at home on his favourite spot on the couch!


Greg, well he has had lots of changes this year! He had moved into his new custom home early in 2015 and has found a space where he can just relax and lose the days stress away in. There has been some positive business changes to help with the growth of Sedum Master (which will be noted in due time) and has broaden the Sedum Master products in the USA for a more efficient delivery timeline and cost. Very positive changes are happening, but don't worry we won't leave you in the dark for too much longer....


Myself, Lori Davey has been busy updating our social platforms as well as designing new marketing material, organizing and running the office and outgoing shipments. In an atmosphere that we have here at Sedum Master it sure has days full of not only hard work but fun, laughter and a great sense of camaraderie.


All-in-all we have great group here that works together in order to get the job completed and in making sure that our customers/clients receive top quality sedum products, not only to enjoy their finished project, but in the long run to help them boost their business as well.


I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you have worked with us this year in making us have a prosperous season, we couldn’t have done it without you and we look forward to working with you again in the 2016 season!


Picture of our year end dinner, a lot of full bellies!


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Debra Chandler
August 25, 2017
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