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Summertime Sedum

Here we are now in the beginning of summer already, and when they say time flies, I now believe it!


I apologize for not blogging earlier as I was trying to commit to blogging at least once a month to keep you, our readers, updated on the “down low” of Sedum Master. Let me just say that spring this year was a real busy one and some things did get put on the back burner.


We had a great and a very successful 2016 spring season. I think we all look forward to the calm of July coming up, due to vacation time, things around here tend to quiet down enough to what seems like a “breather”. We are very much in action through the summer with deliveries, meetings, lunch n’ learns etc. so please don’t hesitate to call!


This spring we brought on a new face here at Sedum Master, Casandra Bakker. As a student, she has thrown herself into the “green” world here at Sedum Master and has been learning the ropes of the sales division along with office duties. She doesn’t even mind getting her hands dirty if that’s what the job calls for. She has learned a great deal in the green roof industry and is enthusiastic about gaining more knowledge and meeting more clients in this very captivating industry.


The newly constructed greenhouse located on Gobles Rd., Princeton, ON has now been completed and completely filled with sedum vegetation. Product is moving quickly in and out daily so please email or call for an updated inventory list.


I myself, have taken on a volunteer position as well with the Future Oxford Expo located in Woodstock, Ontario. Woodstock hosted for the first time this year hosted a Future Oxford Expo. This show allows green and sustainable companies to come and book trade show tables and have the chance to show the surrounding communities what is on the market and what will be coming in the near future for those who want to live a more sustainable life. For more information on this Expo please click here:


If you are heading to the Cultivate ’16 show in Columbus, Ohio next weekend (July 9-12, 2016), be sure to have an eye out for Greg Magda and Rob Lebrow as they will be attending this show. For more information on this show click here:


Last week, I was able to step away from the coziness of my desk in the office and go on site to Woodstock, Ontario to a street planter on Dundas St. The Woodstock Parks and Recreation have installed sedum blankets in this street planter. It was an installation that helped teach hired students that were attending a college in the horticulture field. Maybe we swayed them into the green roof industry...maybe. Maybe one day, we will cross paths with them in this industry. The green roof industry has "grown" phenomenally over the last decade and had become quite an interest to the younger generation and one can only imagine the heights the younger generation will be able to take the green roof industry in the years to come (no pun intended).


Check back for an update on the days of our lives at Sedum Master.



Sedum Master newly constructed greenhouse.


Sedum blankets installed on Dundas St. Woodstock, ON.



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Debra Chandler
August 25, 2017
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