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April Showers ...snow...showers...snow...showers... enough already!

So, here we are in April and the weather has been tricking us like April Fools’ Day. We had some nice warmer weather and we’re able to get an early start delivering shipments of our regular sedum mats but now some more snow is coming, hopefully it disappears as fast as it comes. Here is a few tidbits n the happening here at Sedum Master...


Our regular sedum mats are grown outside and we need to wait till the snow and ice have disappeared in order to ship. If we have a lot of rainfall that can delay delivery as well, as those mats would be something heavy to move and install. We had lucked out earlier this week and got a nice start to our season due to the nice weather from the weekend. Our customers and clients do need to keep in mind that even though we can ship our outdoor sedum mats they are still coming out of dormancy from their nice winter hibernation and will not look so lush as you see them in the landscaping magazines until the weather warms up and they start to awaken and flourish.


By now,, you may have already attended Canada Blooms in Toronto in March and may have come across our products (sedum mats) being used in some landscaping displays. If you were not able to get out to Canada Blooms not to worry, Woodstock is hosting the 2nd Annual Future Oxford Expo at the Woodstock Ag Hall on April 20, 2017. Yes! Sedum Master will be attendance with a booth in the show and I myself will be there to answer your questions and give you information on our many sedum products and green roofing. There will be some informative speakers there and a great student competition for those in secondary school. The deadline has passed but come on out and see what the younger generation has in store to address one of the 70 actions in the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan. For more information on this show,


Easter is just around the corner which means the rest of our crew will be here to celebrate. It will be great to have them all back together again and really get things moving here at Sedum Master. Some of these guys have been here for over 20, 30 even 40 years! We value all of their hard work and enjoy the laughter along the way too!


Recently, we just became members of the Flowers Canada Growers. We are excited for this new membership and look forward to the useful information and the support this program will give us along with the community of grower’s. You can find our contact information as well in the Growers’ Directory and Buyer’s Guide.


May will be here shortly and things will really start moving more consistently. If you have any questions or require more information about our sedum products or green roofing touch base with us either by phone or email and we would be more than happy to help!


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Debra Chandler
August 25, 2017
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